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Getting Mothers Going…Blueberry Experimentation Mothers 2022-23

Getting Mothers Going…Blueberry Experimentation Mothers 2022-23

Getting Mothers Going...Blueberry Experimentation Mothers 2022-23

Just wanted to post what's going on in the comparison room side of things. We are currently getting 2 blueberry moms going; that way we can have two different genetically identical clone producers to play with and run all sorts of tests; at least 1 per cycle. Let's see where it goes! First up, we will be growing some clones while adding Flavuh by Ventana Science to at least some of them.

Flavuh by Ventana Plant Science - https://tinyurl.com/bdbzxyzm

Thanks to my friend Chris for helping out with the actual growing in this space! Here’s chris’s Instagram where he often posts grow shots: https://www.instagram.com/feeljive/

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