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LED/HPS Flwr Mix Grow – Post-Harvest (Conclusions/Thoughts) FT. Mars Hydro SP6500

LED/HPS Flwr Mix Grow – Post-Harvest (Conclusions/Thoughts) FT. Mars Hydro SP6500

LED/HPS Flwr Mix Grow - Post-Harvest (Conclusions/Thoughts) FT. Mars Hydro SP6500

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Well, we wrapped up our comparison grow. But not much of a comparison it was! Between heat stress on one side of the journal & the grown-from-seed genetics all veering off in literally 6 different directions when flowering kicked off, I don’t think we can draw too many firm conclusions, setting aside our existing issue of the small sample size here...but here's my 2 cents!

First, I felt there was no huge difference between this run of Wedding Cake on the LED-only side & the last journal we ran; both runs were in the same medium, same strain, same nutrients scheme (bit higher PPMs this time)...only difference was this time there was no CO2 during flowering, last time there was CO2. No difference Chris or I could determine between the two results, quantity/quality/resin buildup/trichomes were all comparable on average plants. I smoked the LED-side Cannabis from both runs and I couldn't tell you the difference if pressed. So once again, a bit of evidence at least that CO2 does its best work in veg, not flower.

As to the main experiment in this run: HPS/LED vs LED only..... in short, adding HPS to LED simply seems like...more hassle than it's worth! The constant extra heat was a pain to deal with in Summer while also trying to keep the light intensity balanced between the sides. Personally I would’ve felt this way even if we had a test result where HPS/LED side had won for yield by a bit (it didn’t, it actually lost for yield quantity). There is also the *meaningful* electricity consumption difference between both sides to consider. Result: We will likely revert back to plain LED next round & going forward lol

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