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SHOULD Weed Be Grinded Up? + OG Grinder Review

SHOULD Weed Be Grinded Up? + OG Grinder Review

SHOULD Weed Be Grinded Up? + OG Grinder Review

Today on Lex’s World I wanted to go a little deeper into the topic of herb grinders and when weed should be ground up Vs. when it should be broken up by hand or by scissors. Lol just my opinion guys. This video is more for seasoned smokers than the First-Time Grinder Buying Guide that I originally uploaded online in 2012 ( a 2015 copy of THAT video currently exists on YT, link below).

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The WINNER WAS: YouTube User Berend Wognum

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My first grinder episode (How To Pick Your First One): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY1M0Zl3Or4&ab_channel=LexBlazer

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