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Teens and drugs: what you should know

Teens and drugs: what you should know

Teens and drugs: what you should know

This is an unstructured conversation starter about kids and drugs.

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Note 1 - Basically most drugs can kill you in theory, but opiates in particular. All amfetamine-family things can be lethal at first try if you are overdose, or if you're too sensitive or have a health condition. People also die when the substance is different from what they were told and dose incorrectly. Happy exceptions: LSD, shrooms and weed.
Note 2 - http://www.leafscience.com/2014/10/21/marijuana-memory/

Controlled Substance is a Youtube channel about drugs from a scientific perspective and without any taboos. We assume intelligence and responsibility from our viewers, since all are actors in one of the biggest conflicts of our time: the international War on Drugs.

This channel talks about substances as if they're a common cultural phenomenon. Because they are.

Controlled Substance is hosted from the Netherlands by science journalist Thijs Roes.

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